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Logos International Forum – Vision & Mission
LIF2021 – Context & Call       More…

Joint Morning Session for Business, Science & Engineering  and Social Sciences  10:00am – 12:45pm
“Faith & Vocation In A Time Of Transition”
– The Geo-spiritual Landscape of the Great Commission
– No Bridge is Too Far to Build
– Awana Ministry in Family and Parenting

– Serving God through Social Work Education and Practice 
– Bionic Human and the Future of Being Human
– How will Artificial Intelligence impact the 21st Century?          More…

Afternoon Parallel Sessions

Business Track  1:30-4:15pm
 “Evidence-based Servant Leadership for Organizational Transformation”
– Superior business performance indicators based on empirical research
– Proven and measurable practical results
– How faith-based servant leadership transforms Chinese companies?
– Why a MA program in Leadership continues to attract executives in Asia after 10 years?
– The program founder and the lead faculty will tell the story.           More…

Science & Engineering Track  1:30-4:15pm
 “Bringing Christianity To Bear On Science & Engineering”
– The Calling of a Christian Academic in Science
– Human Gene Modification – playing God? 
– Living in a connected world – internet of things, smart sensors & autonomous vehicles

Possible Insufficiency of the Principle of Non-overlapping Magisteria                More…

Social Sciences Track  1:30-4:15pm
 “A Time to Rebuild, Reconnect and Re-engage For Tomorrow” 
– Challenges and strategies of adoptive parents: an invisible family type in Hong Kong
– Working out the salvation of privilege in elite schools: A time capsule study of minority students in Asia
– The Dark Side of Parenting: When Parents’ Self-Worth Depends on Children’s Performance
– Building bridges for Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese students in higher education for desired futures in post-conflict Hong Kong       More…

Acknowledgement      More…