A peer learning forum for Christian academics & professionals

Vision & Mission   LIF began in 2015 to develop a HK-based network of Christian academics and professionals with a vision for faith-learning integration to engage society and culture.      More…

The Call in 2022    We are living through unexpected and unprecedented challenges.  But we are assured that the Lord of history is working out his redemptive purpose.  And we are committed to faith, hope and love in serving our generation with compassion, wisdom, humility, and courage.      More…


Joint Opening Session – 9:30-9:40
Serving Our Generation in Changing Times

Prof. Kai Man Kwan       More…

Business & Faith Track – 9:40-12:40
Faith & Leadership in a World With Unprecedented Challenges
Mr. Scott Yeh, Dr. Ricky Szeto, Dr. K.C. Chew, Mr. Sunny Wong, Mr. Brett Johnson  More…

Mental Health & Faith Track – 9:40-12:40
Global Pandemic: Mental Health Crisis and the Human Condition
Prof. Michael TH Wong, Dr. Ronald Chen
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Prof. George Hsu, Dr. Christian Chan                           More…

Social Sciences, Education & Faith Track – 9:40-12:40
Project Change: Reflection on Serving Young People in Difficult Times
Dr. Pauline Sung, Prof. Yun Wing Sung, Mr. John Mok, Dr. Linda Mok
Evidence-based Interventions for Reducing Childhood Aggression & School Bullying
Dr. Annis Fung, Dr. Anna Hui                                        More…

Science, Religion & Faith Track – 9:40-12:40
The Surprising Things That Models Don’t Tell Us
Dr. Mike Brownnutt, Dr. Kenneth Ng
The Origin of Humanity & Evolution: Science & Scripture in Conversation
Dr. Andrew Loke, Rev. Vincent Chan                        More…

Joint Closing Session – 12:40-1:00
Summary Reports from 4 Tracks